My photo workflow

So today I decided to do something I do all the time. Take photos. But then I realised that people might not realise how easy it is to take amazing quality photos and get them onto your social media rather than using a phone camera or editing on a laptop/computer. 

So my work flow involves the following:

  • Sony a6000 camera
  • A lens of my choice (usually 35mm f1.8 or 12th f2)
  • Android or iOS phone or tablet
  • Sony Playmemories app
  • Light room mobile app/Snapseed

Basically you take your photos on your camera. Select the photos you wish to send. Then fire them over to the device via WiFi and NFC if your phone has it. Then edit (normally in Light room mobile or Snapseed). Then post direct to social media. 

Enjoying summer

There are a few things to consider. There is a settings menu in Playmemories that allows your photos to be either 2mp or original quality. I personally use 2mp for social sharing. But it’s important if you are going to be uploading to a photo printing site. 

The beauty of this work flow is you can edit in the go and upload more of your work more often. I often do it whilst actually on holiday. Normally during the evenings and it allows me to sort photos after each day. Then I upload when I have access to WiFi the following day. 

Most camera makers now provide apps. So check out yours. 

What’s your work flow? Do you edit on your phone? What are your favourite editing apps? 

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