Milton Keynes: MK50 ride

On the 8th July 2017 myself and my best friend took part in the MK50 ride for the British Heart Foundation. Find out more here.

It was an organised ride for both on-road and off-road bike rides. There were also two options for distance (50km or 50miles) – We chose the 50 mile option.

The actual run up to the ride had little to no training really – this was a opportunity to get a decent ride in prior to the VELO Birmingham (100 mile) ride that we are doing in September. If you would like to sponsor us – then click here.

The ride itself was lovely – the countryside you pass through was beautiful – especially the Woburn Estate (not far from the Safari Park) – we spotted a couple of deer along the way.

The route itself is challenging, with plenty of either steep hard climbs or long drawn out ones. Long Lane will live on in my memory for a good while yet.

The data from the ride is below:


Outline of route


Graphs showing elevation, speed and HR


Time in HR Zones

The ride went really well, with the exception of me forgetting to apply suncream – so quite a painful sunburn after – but it was a small price to pay for a lovely day of riding.

If you fancy taking part in a charity bike ride I fully recommend The BHF for their organisation and communication.

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